Indoor Composing

I live in 18′ foot wide apartment with front and back verandah. Too narrow space I have for planting. I don’t want to throw my food scraps even though I have no space and ground in my flat. I used old plastic container box and made some holes (lid, both sides and underneath of the box) for compost bin.
At first, before I make compost bin, I read and read and read a lot of articles and watched YouTube step by step guides about “How to compost” “Beginner compost lesson” “Apartment Composting” and some sort of composting articles and video clips to get inspired but I felt really confused and never went to an action because I was worried “what if my compost won’t works like them in the articles or video?”
After that, I had my courage to make one whatever it’s right or wrong. I was like “I don’t care! Come on, whatever it takes I will learn from my own experience”

The first day of adding soil and food waste

I put ground soil, some food wastes and scraps in the box. (Note: Brown groups (brown paper, dried leaves, wood chips), even though they are slow to break down, are good for compost. Green Groups (kitchen scraps) must be few amount than brown ones, even though they are easy to break down.

Centipede pretending like he is dead.

I’ve found a centipedes from the ground and I put it. I know that earthworms are good for compost. Hahah but I was totally wrong centipedes eat earthworm and Centipedes can eat worms from compost bin. I didn’t know that before I put it.

My babies with my compost soils

I watered my compost bin everyday and put some bokashi powder.
My compost bin is too little and then I have few plants and time to take care of them.So, I have limited time since my bin was full. I stopped putting my food waste because I have a sense that too much nutrition in the soil won’t work probably.

After 5 months later (note- time depends on person’s time, space and having plants) , my compost is ready to use and wonderful thing was all my food scraps, tea leaves, dried flowers turned into garden soil , Horray!

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